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About Internships

The College of Humanities strongly encourages all students to participate in an internship. Internships can apply for up to 6 credit hours towards a History degree between all opportunities.


Your internship coordinator, Cameron Vakilian, works with you to explore your interests, options, and may also direct you to appropriate resources. He can provide feedback about navigating through your search process and talk with you about mobilizing this experience to be competitive for full-time employment after graduation.

Cameron Vakilian

Cameron Vakilian

Director of Experiential Learning
College of Humanities 


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Department Funded Internship Opportunity

Peace & Conflict Studies Internships through the Hinckley Institute of Politics

Medical Development International (DC)

The Caring Institute (DC)

University of Utah Global Health Alliance (local and international in Ghana and Kenya)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DC)

Utah Health Policy Project (local

Commercial Service Utah (local)

International Rescue Committee (local)

Ascend Alliance (local and international in South America and Africa)

CHOICE Humanitarian (local) • India, New Delhi: Maitri (international)

Business Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) (DC)

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (local)

House Committee on Foreign Affairs (DC)

Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy (local)

American Civil Liberties Union (DC and local)

Australian Parliament (international)

Belgium, Brussels: European Parliament (international)

Germany, Berlin: German Parliament (international)

British Parliament (international)

Scottish Parliament (international)

U.S. Department of Justice (DC)

Mexico, Mexico City: Government related internships in Mexico City (international)

Peruvian Consulate (local)

Spain, Madrid: Banca Civica (international)

Jordan, Amman: Ministry of Social Development (international)

U.S. Department of State (DC and local)

World Trade Center Utah (local)

For deadlines and application information, go to, or visit the Hinckley Office in GC 2018

Last Updated: 11/1/23