Program Director
David Derezotes

Academic Advisor
Copeland Johnston

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Required Courses Offered Spring 2016

PCS 3500 Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies
PCS 5900 The Integrative Seminar

What is the Peace & Conflict Studies Program?

The Peace & Conflict Studies Program(PCS) is part of a dynamic and broad-ranging collaborative effort at the University of Utah. The major and minor are housed in the College of Humanities, while also being part of the Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy in the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

PCS enables students to understand the dynamics of peace and conflict and to contribute to the creation of more just and peaceable conditions in the world. Courses focus on conflict theory, war and terrorism, just war theory, the history of peace efforts and non-violent social movements, community-based conflict management and resolution, and human rights.

Our initiative draws upon the support of other colleges as well, including Social Work, Fine Arts, Science, and Law. PCS thus embodies a cooperative spirit while bringing together many different approaches to the study of conflict resolution, peace studies, and human rights advocacy.

Careers in Peace & Conflict Studies

An education in Peace & Conflict Studies prepares our students for a variety of meaningful vocations. Our students pursue careers in education, activism, development,  mediation, government, human rights, environmentalism, journalism, and public relations. Read more...

krclProgram Director, David Derezotes, discusses Peace & Conflict Studies on local public radio


KSLThe Doug Wright Show

Director Derezotes plugs Peace & Conflict Studies during interview on KSL's The Doug Wright Show. Click on the icon to listen to the interview titled "Beyond Police Shootings".


Hear from our students!

Keaton from Utah P&CS on Vimeo

Lauren from Utah P&CS on Vimeo

Director David Derezotes speaks about his class on Dialogue Models

Dr. Lawson Discusses Security Issues

Former Director Dr. Leornard Hawes on Peace and Conflict Studies


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