PCS 4800 The Integrative Seminar

Approved in academic year 2014-15, this one-credit upper-division class is a required course for all entering P&CS Minors and Majors. The purpose of the seminar is to create a “brave” space where students can identify and creatively express the skills, knowledge, and values that they have developed during their academic career. The class will be “flipped” so that most class time is devoted to dialogue. In response to materials posted on canvas, students will participate in identifying and facilitating in-class conversations.

The course assignment is an Electronic Portfolio (or e-Portfolio) in which students create documents that summarize what they learned in their university coursework, and that demonstrate who they are. Each e-Portfolio is unique, and may include such digitalized artifacts as a resume; reflections and expressions of learned knowledge, skills, and values; and multi-media recordings and artwork that represent professional and personal self.  Students will get instructions and assistance in creating their e-portfolios, and students can build upon existing materials they have already created. This portfolio becomes a working document that students take with them throughout their  professional career, and can use in applications for graduate programs, grants, and jobs.