Peace and Conflict Studies courses draw from the experiences of over 45 professors in 25 departments across the university. In the past four years, owing to the intellectual energy surrounding the annual human rights conference, many faculty have begun to shift significant parts of their research to areas like conflict resolution, human rights, peace studies, and security studies.

Undergraduate Advisor:

Copeland Johnston 

Faculty Steering Committee

Dr. David Derezotes

Janet Kaufman 

Cecilia Wainry

Kim Korinek

Carolyn Camp

Dean McGovern

Kilo Zamora

Cecelia Tso

Len Hawes

Maeera Yaffa Shreiber

Tabitha Marie Benney

Shannon Jones

Thomas Neil Maloney

Aleta Airmet Tew

George Cheney

Caitlin Mcdonald

Alee Holbrook

Katie Hunt